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okay, lets look at me. 5'8 male, 39 yrs. old, 174 lbs.

1st lets compare to another site Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs and find the BMR for me. You'll get 1685 cals.

Now go to fitday and enter a custom baseline of 1685

Now lets go back here Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs and change it to little/no exercise (desk job) b/c I have a desk job and I'll account for my exercise under my activities. You get 2022 calories.

Now go back to FitDay and under Lifestyle Activity Level, check off seated all day.

Now go to your activities on FD and look. Without any sleep it shows 2401 calories. Once you figure in 8hrs you come up with 2106, not dead on but close to the other site.

I found a different site, I can't seem to find it but the numbers were dead on. I may be wrong and looking at this this wrong way... but that's what I've found.

Maybe whomever created the software can chime in...
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