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Originally Posted by DetroitBreakdown View Post
This is all very interesting. I'm big on new experiences, so definitely want to give maybe a 2-4 day water-only fast. I think I'll double check with my doc first just to make sure he doesn't think I have anything to worry about due to my own medical state.

Michael, you mentioned supplements. I normally use a multi-vitamin and a vitamin D supplement. Would it interfere with the process if I continue to take these, assuming I can choke them down?

Also, Michael, you mentioned drinking LOTS of water. I've been slacking a bit on water lately, closer to 120oz than the 160oz I'd like to get. Are you talking about more than that? Would green tea interfere with the process as far as you know?

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
Well, as I mentioned before, I only draw on some Internet research (hey, if it's on the Internet, it has to be accurate, no?) and my own experiences, so here goes:

I don't think green tea w/no additives would be a problem--you may, though, find that you can't stomach it after a few days.

You will WANT to drink water. There were days I went through a couple gallons (or more). Just constantly had a mug of ice water going to sip. Of course, guzzling a gallon would probably be bad, but sipped more-or-less constantly over 16 hours--not bad. With a short fast, you might not be inclined to drink so much, but consider that we get quite a lot of moisture from our food as well, and you won't be getting any of that.

The supplements were not "too bad" for the first few days. Once you get cleaned out, though, your senses really become more acute. You might not get this on a short fast. All you can do is try it and see. If those vitamins don't set well, don't do it again.

Good idea to talk to your doctor first. Hopefully he/she is open minded and will give you the go-ahead assuming any medical conditions won't prevent it.

If you decided to do it, let us know how you feel. And don't give up on day one--it is by far the toughest!

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