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Originally Posted by RebbaJackson View Post
I am trying to lose weight and be healthy. I'm not dieting but making better choices. I'm watching what I eat and working out. I have 90 lb to lose my goal is my christmas this year. However my problem now is that I heard you shouldn't eat dinner past 6 pm. I don't get off work till 630. I have been eating powerbars thinking that it would be a meal replacement but instead of the scale going down it went up. Now I did lift weight this week and didnt do any cardio. But my question is should I eat a energy bar to replace dinner of is it okay to eat late. I work out after my kids go to bed. So I will be working out at least 4 time a week. Any advice will help.
I've read from more than one source that studies have show the "don't eat after xx:xx" to be a myth. The total number of calories per day is what counts.

Personally, I like to eat food. I suppose if you're late for work or something a powerbar would be OK--better than skipping breakfast anyway. Otherwise, I'd pass on them.

In any case, if you do your exercise, log your food intake and stick with it, I know you'll succeed!

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