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I'm just starting insanity after two rounds of P90X. I'm only a few days into insanity, but am a lot less sore than I expected to be. I do have some thoughts/concerns with insanity though, namely:

-The workouts are so much shorter than the X workouts, I sometimes feel like they're over before I really get into it. I do obviously sweat a ton and am breathing rapidly most of the time, but I fear I'm so concentrated on just learning the moves and trying to keep my form that I don't constantly contract my core like he's always saying to. Sometimes I'm just breathing too hard to tighten my abs. Maybe I just need to give it time, get to know the moves better, and once I have some strength and endurance built up I can focus more on that ab constricting?

I was getting really great at the X plyo workout and love that I just had to add a few more reps, etc., to keep it a high intensity workout. I also liked that the actual workout out was a considerable amount of time. The insanity warm ups are intense, but manageable. But once the stretching is done, there's barely 20 minutes of actual workout time. Is that really enough?

I was doing the X doubles before, and I'm still supplementing some kickboxing in the AM, then insanity at night. I just feel like this round of insanity is about getting the hang of the program, and I might need to do a second round to really see any benefit. Or maybe a p90X-insanity hybrid would be great since I miss the weightlifting from the X.

Ok maybe I'm just rambling on...but those are my thoughts at the moment. I know, i know, dig deeper...bring long as I keep my butt moving I can't really go wrong!
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