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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
I am really glad this thread was started. I have thought about beginning one for a while now, but as mecompco noted, there is so much controversy associated with fasting I didn't want to stir the pot too much.
Yes, me too. And even though I've ceased fasting for weight loss purposes, it really is something that should be experienced at least once (medical aspects permitting). If you do, you will foreverafter chuckle to yourself when someone claims to be "starving" in they've had to skip a meal for whatever reason.

Personally, after the first few days, I really could not have cared less about food. I went to restaurants with family and friends and sat there and drank my ice water while they ate.

I will say that into, oh, the middle of week three beginning of week four I started to think about food again. Really not hungry, per se, but thinking I "should" be eating. I really could have gone beyond the 30 days had it not been for the muscle cramps. I decided at that point that I should probably listen to my body and slowly break the fast. That first sip of watered down OJ is probably one of the best things I have ever tasted!

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