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Originally Posted by DetroitBreakdown View Post
This is a fascinating topic. I've never been attracted to fasting, mostly because I assumed that it would have a negative effect on metabolism, putting you into some kind of starvation mode. This discussion makes me want to research it more.

I don't really view it as a weight-loss strategy for me, but the side benefits sound interesting. I also think it sounds liberating and likely to produce a different mindset.

Can anyone with experience talk a bit more about exercising while fasting? I would be concerned about muscle loss, and wouldn't want to disrupt my routine too much, or make it harder to get back to "normal."

Also, can anyone comment if there are any effects that would interfere with daily activities, especially work?

Thanks all!
I'm surprised this thread hasn't got more interest--fasting generally brings out the naysayers and extremeists both pro and con.

All my personal experiance is with "0 calorie" water fasts, so those who "fast" while taking in some calories may want to chime in.

Will you go into "starvation mode"--yeah, I'm sure--but "starving" people, well, "starve" and lose weight. You'll go through ketosis and I'm sure some our more biologically knowledgeable folks can add details but you'll start using fat for fuel. From what I understand, eventually you'll start to lose some muscle as well, if your not using it.

I did modest exercise through my fasts--really, the energy level isn't that bad. As I mentioned, you can get light headed if you stand up quick, especially, so keep that in mind. You will need to drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

If you do a longer fast, you need to ease back into eating--I usually started back with some OJ mixed with water for a day, then perhaps some yogurt and juice the next day--basically take a few days to get back to solid food.

As to daily function, well, you will be urinating a LOT, so if that's a problem at work fasting is probably not for you. You'll have some bad breath as the toxins work their way out of you.

You will find that your senses are greatly enhanced--tastes and smells become much stronger. I tried to take supplements when I fasted but the taste was just unbearable after a couple of days. The first time I fasted for a long time (the first 30 day fast) I did drink some black coffee but after a few days couldn't stomach it any more so went to just water.

I assume the eventual muscle cramps are due to electrolyte imbalances and probably muscle loss. I'm sure these would be avoided if one could stomach nutritional supplements.

Will you gain some back when you start eating again? Sure. You'll be taking in a certain weight in food and you'll start retaining some fluid again.

I'll say that if you undertake this, you will learn a lot about yourself and about how habit-driven most of our eating is. And, how darned much time we spend thinking about eating, preparing to eat, eating and cleaning up after eating.

I hope this helps, but remember, this is just my own personal experience and I have failed all previous attempts to keep off the massive amounts of weight I have lost. So do your research and take my experiences for what they're worth.

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