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We were a GF household for 4+ years. The best GF bread is homemade, either from scratch or from a box mix, available at most health food stores. There is an author named Bette Hageman that has published a GF cookbook nearly every year for the last 20, every one of her recipes we tried was edible (not all super great, but edible). Personally I like her "feather light" recipes, which use a combination of flours to replace wheat flour (equal parts tapioca flour, potato starch flour and white rice flour, plus xanthan gum and egg replacer). Many of her bread recipes use chick pea flour, which was more than my GI track could handle. It's one thing to eat beans, it's another grind them in to powder and eat it by the loaf.

Other bread/cracker things you might try, Rye crisp crackers, nut crackers, N-ergy crackers, corn cakes (like a rice cake, but yellow), rice cakes, Crispbread and homemade GF pancakes (which believe it or not make the BEST PB&J ever).
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