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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Good posts--I was saying today that "I love HAVING exercised." I feel great afterward--those little endorphins or whatever they are just feel good. I can't say I really MIND exercising, but if given the choice, I'd probably avoid it.

I know exactly what you mean Michael. I find that the reverse is even more true, I can't stand how not exercising when I could and should have makes me feel. I get depressed and cranky with myself and everyone around me.

In the last eight or so months I have missed four workouts....three of which I was out of town and couldn't be there even though I wanted to, and one where I just slacked off and didn't bother going.
It seems I am my own harshest critic, I spent the next day berating myself mercilessly for being such a slacker.

While the endorphin release, the 'pump' and the visible results of working out are all great, it really is the fear of the soul crushing feeling of letting myself down resulting from skipping a workout that gets my arse up and out the door on my way to do weights.

I am always glad I when I finish, but I have never yet walked away from a weight training session thinking that I wish I hadn't done it.
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