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I love that this thread is taking off so well and that we're building an awesome support group!

My goal is to lose about 50 pounds by the middle of June (thats when hubby comes back from deployment). Using fitday I've found that to do this I need to lose about 2 pounds a week (2.12 to be exact), and I think this is do-able with hard work and watching the calories! I'm trying to keep my calories below 1600 a day and so far I'm doing pretty well. The good thing is, I haven't really felt hungry so far. I eat three full meals each day as well as a morning and afternoon snack and drink plenty of water.

My exercise right now consists of walking at least 3 miles a day. I plan to up that by a mile per day each week.

If anyone wants to chat via email you can contact me at:

Have a great night everyone and an even healthier tomorrow!!

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