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Default Kimmy shoots and scores! (again)

Yes, you have to plan for snacks, and if you make sure they're healthy and fit into your plan (whatever it is, then snack away). I know I am very vulnerable to night time snacking, since that's when I get back to working on the computer after the dinner-kids-straightening up drill. I usually leave myself 300 calories for after dinner...yes, I know eating at night is considered a no-no, but if I don't plan and have small snacks, I will just get cranky and eat everything, and I'm often up till 1 AM. That is a lot of time to eat bad food, so I just plan for good food instead's works with my lifestyle.

I usually try to look and see if I need carbs, protein, or fat and try to choose snacks based on what category I need to increase (yep, one night it was just sliced turkey).

Just be "mindful." That's my new word for diet and other areas of life. Mindfulness is underrated.
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