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Wayne -- Thanks for letting me know about your wife!! I'd love to be able to afford a stationary bike. Someday! Right now I do cardio routines, and if my ankle starts to hurt (from jumping or landing on it a little funny) I sit down and keep working out with my arms. I'm also saving up to invest in a better brace for it - the one I have now is old and flimsy. But biking is the way to go, and congratulations to your wife!

The tracking calories is *great* -- I have so much to learn about food, and it really helps to see what strategies others are using (like 40% carbs, 30% proteins, etc.) and to try to aim for that slowly. My food today has been about 60% carbs so far -- looks like lots of protein for dinner! I love being able to see that and plan for each day as it's own little thing.

vabeachgirl - Yikes, broken heel! I hope it healed well! I remember well having to go up and down stairs on my butt for three months after my ankle surgery

cj - Ha, you got that right! I got my Ph.D. right before I turned 27. All of my friends were out, 5 years into their careers, making twice as much money as me -- I felt like I took the wrong way Twelve hours a day (or more) in the lab researching saps all your energy, and the last thing you want to do is exercise. No pregnancies for me though, I can't even imagine it! I'm a post-doctoral researcher right now - it'll probably be a wedding first, and then a house. Congrats to you for getting through all that in one piece!

I really want to put ME first. So often I put my career first, or friends, or loved ones. It's in my nature not to think about myself, but it's been made clear to me that all of those people that love me want to have me around and healthy, and enjoying my life finally! So I intend to do just that. For them, but for me too!

Thanks for all the welcomes and encouragement!
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