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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm currently 5'4 1/2 and weight 215 pounds at age 27 (F) -- I've always been a little bit chubby, but after going to grad school and working for my Ph.D., I've found that my weight has ballooned -- even though I got the doctorate this past May (yay Dr. Me!) I couldn't help but feel disappointed at all of the emotional eating I did, and the Sedentary Lifestyle that I had creep up on me. My eyes went out of my head when I stepped on the scale and I was over the 200 mark!

It's difficult for me to work out due to an ankle injury that makes impact difficult (treadmills and high-impact routines are completely out) but I've often used that as an excuse, more than simply as a creative way to find out how to work out.

I've never really settled on any kind of diet/exercise routine before, so I'm starting simple -- cutting calories to 1,500 a day, trying to limit aritificial sugar intake, eating more natural/whole food and figuring out an exercise routine that works. I'm taking it slowly - 30 minutes of cardio (HIIT) every other day right now, getting my ankle and body used to the routine -- but I am very excited to take over my own life!

Good luck to everyone, and happy New Year!
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