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Post I am with you....looking for 50 plus....

I also have been using FitDay on and off again for about 4 years. This time however, I finally feel like I have a good handle on what works for my body and what I can and can't put in it to make it work properly. I just hit 41 and gained 60 pouds after coming off the Atkins diet back in 2005, after having hit my goal weight of 165 and stayed there for almost two years.

Have done personal training, did the 40-30-30 diet, eat right for your blood type, you on a diet and all pretty much had the same result, I kept losing and regaining the same 10-20 pounds. I developed a wheat allergy from the Atkins diet and have had to alter everything about my diet. I am now pretty much gluten-free, and have just cut out dairy.

I just joined a CrossFit gym end of December and am looking forward to seeing if I can get my body back to where it once was just after college.

Starting Weight: 229
Goal Weight: 165-170
Age: 41
Location: Seattle, WA

If what you read seems to strike a note with you and you think that we can help eachother stay motivated I am game.

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