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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
I didn't realize that they were still (potentially mind you) using animal fat in twinkies. Most have converted over to vegetable shortening products. Twizzlers and beer are not only vegetarian but vegan. Twizzlers now has the PETA stamp of approval even. If you like, replace Twinkies with Oreos and you have the same net effect--vegetarian or vegan does not necessarily equal healthy. It is more than possible to eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, and doing so will be very beneficial. However I'm just trying to point out that people shouldn't cleave to a surface label of a diet or food to determine whether it is healthy or not.
The Peta stamp on Twizzlers is just to show it is now Vegetarian friendly since they stopped using gelatin in the product. Hostess still uses beef fat and in some of their products animal shortening. Some of their products may list it as natural flavoring. The Drake bakery was bought by Hostess and they did promise to keep that brand free of animal fats.

I agree while one "way" of eating may better for some, another way may be better for others. IMO, the outer aisles are the best bet for anyone, regardless, of what label they fall under.
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