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the homeopathic drops don't have live Hcg in them - just like any other homeopathic - it is dead or "killed" Hcg.

I am sure by Oral, everyone means sublingual - =)

I can tell you that I have been on the homeopathic oral drops for 27 days - and have lost 23 lbs. (Had a bit of a problem on Christmas day or it would be more lol). I am not hungry, I did not have any headaches or body aches at any point. I have a ton of energy. I drink water far in excess of the 8 glasses of day. I usually have that much before lunch! I keep saying I am going to start going to the gym again but with the cold weather I haven't made it back yet lol. I also keep forgetting to do the b-12 drops... sigh.

I know when I was researching it all, it was so hard to make decisions. So I guess I am offering my experience for you to add to your research for what its worth.

I would also say that while on the one hand, HCg is easy, cheap, and has amazing results, on the other hand, you do have to be commited to it and exercize your willpower to overcome your habits. You truly are not hungry so it is not a matter of starving yoruself, but at least for me, and I imagine most people who find themselves overweight, eating had very little to do with hunger to start with. So while HCg takes care of any feelings of hunger, you still have to have the discipline to break the habits.

When I cook a really yummy meal for the rest of the family and then sit at the table and eat my grilled chicken breast and plain salad it is hard.....One positive though is when you can step on the scale every morning and see a measurable drop, it is motivating. Good Luck!
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