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Cool soon to be 50 wanna be fit


I'm back again on the weight loss thing this time its for me own good before it has been to stay in shape. Well somehow in the last year I have gained 28lbs which puts me at 228lbs. I know what needs to be done and I know i can do it. But this time its due to the fact I turn 50 in march and my blood pressure is high. So before I go for my annual physical this year i plan to lose the weight so my doctor doesn't say I'm overweight and need blood pressure medication. So I am here and could use all the support of who ever can help me. I will also try to help you. So lets do this and kick some but losing weight and lets become the biggest losers. whooooooooo aHHhhhhhhhhh oh yeah I was a U.S. Marine. Sempter Fi!!!!
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