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Default Fasting

Hey All

After a gorge yesterday I'm going for a one day fast, well that was the plan.

Just been drinking water and having 4 green teas (all drunk now)

I read online the benifits of a one day fast and it appears that the body using stored fat for energy doesn't happen until after 24 hours of fasting so in theory a water fast would be more beneficial over 2 or 3 days.

As I'm interested in fasting once a month I've seen juice fast where you eat fruit and veg, and drink fruit juices for a few days as a fast. This flushes the toxins quicker but I can't see how this would 'eat fat'

Anyone with any experience in either, or ideally both, care to shed some advice?

I'm tempted to fast for another day at least if not two. I'm not fussed about the muscle breakdown as my main aim now is weight loss and I will gain muscle once I'm down to my desired weight.

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