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Originally Posted by Oxenhandler View Post
hey dude. 6'5" here too and 280 lbs. Maintained a normal weighth for ten years, (between 215 and 235) but let go of some long accepted limitations last spring and sure enough, packed on 50 lbs. in the last seven months. That was just the beginning and I know it. My top weight was 385 lbs. at age 21. So, I'm one hundred pounds less than that. But I am a hopeless over eater and my over eating only accelerates.

Sorry about the girl, bro. Glad to read you are getting a few hours a day free from the obsession with her. It will pass, only time and as much self-improvement you can muster, will accomplish that. I guarantee you, one day you will be free. Cheers.
Thanks Ox
Now the pounds and inches have started to fall off me, I have found I have no dramas meeting new people, and there is no better way to forget about a woman who you used to have than to give all your attention to the ones who are available now
Partied HARD over xmas/new years, met some delightful members of the fairer sex, had an absolute ball and still managed to drop a few kilo, so it's all good.
The one I lost has no idea what she is missing out on these days, and whereas it was definitely her that kicked me off into sorting myself out, she doesn't have a lot to do with it anymore.....for me now it is all about being more and better than I was yesterday.

I have to ask say you are a hopeless overeater....why is that?
You obviously recognize you do it, and realize it is a problem. Is it just habit? or something more than that? How does it make you feel when you do it? Do you feel much pleasure, or does it make you feel guilty and depressed?
It really is none of my business, so answer only if you feel you want to, but I have found that asking myself questions like that about why I do things has made me come up with a few answers that surprised myself, and thereby made it easier to deal with the cause of the problems rather than just the effects. Feel free to PM me if you like, it's always good to have folks of a similar body type to discuss things with I reckon.

Anyway, happy new years everyone, hope this one is better than all preceding it. Thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement, this is an awesome community and an invaluable source of motivation, keep it up all, you lot ROCK!

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