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Originally Posted by sunrosa View Post
I believe you are exactly correct - it is about changing bad habits. I don't have too many of them, I eat really healthy overall, just too many calories given my more sedentary lifestyle. So I have to stop comfort eating, keep it real, make it about nutrition.

You are tougher than I am!! Honestly, I have contemplated night school to work towards job changes, but I would go insane with stress if I didn't work out every evening - the job situation is that awful. Not enough hours in the day!
Well, I get really stressed because of work and school I think that might be part of the reason Ive been having a hard time losing weight, but I commend you for being able to work out every evening and actually enjoy it!!! i like taking walks but when it comes to working out i get a bit lazy, but i joined a gym recently and I wanna make the most of it...get my money's worth
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