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Originally Posted by victoria.stewart View Post
I am also starting afresh for the new year- I want to lose 22 pounds by the 1st April. I am so glad I have found this site and can't believe it is free I am hoping it will keep me on track as I tend to do really well on a diet for the first 2/3 weeks then fall off it- I am hoping that tracking everything I do and eat will give me a better understanding of my areas of improvement and keep me motivated to reach my target weight. I have loved reading about everyones success stories so far- how much has this site helped? what are the main benefits?

Looking forward to chatting and adding some success stories of my own,

I strongly agree. I haven't been off this site since I found out about it. I was telling a friend how after every post I smile cause I feel the love and support. I wish you luck on your success Vicki I know you can do it. I can just see us now laughing and showing off our new pics to each other!
As I always say... "I Love You All For Loving Me!"
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