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UPDATE: OK, saturated fat is tallied in the other table, below the first one, along with fiber. Cholesterol and sugar are not. A somewhat awkward but workable solution is to simply take everything you list, and if it's not already a "custom food", make it one. You can then put the sugar and cholesterol, plus anything else you can think of that's not listed, into columns you don't use.
I've seen people here thinking they should put the sugar content into the alcohol column, and while this isn't chemically accurate, it will suffice since it will add up that column in grams. So at the end of the day, 40g of alcohol will actually be the sugar total. Maybe I'll place cholesterol into the monounsaturated fat column.

Hey guys at Fitday, wouldn't it make things easier if you did a minor redesign and allowed column customization, that is a column I could name whatever I please and add whatever I please?


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