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Hey there, Thank you to everyone who replied, sorry I abandoned ship!! I did check in here a few times but responses are not as regular as other sites which is a shame coz i do like the site. Is there a way to set up an email alert when you get a response??

I must admit I am a little (or a lot) embarressed reading the initial post . Once again I did very well up to my holiday in october but since then have fallen flab again. I am blaming the fact that I was studying hard but that has finished now so...

So that was then this is now and a new challenge begins. Only this time it begins with a quit smoking challenge attached. But I've done that before too and will do it again.

Currently standing at 168lbs at 5ft 9inchs. I'm not setting any specific time limit I know I want to get back to around 145lbs but am going to take it one day at a time. Not doing a food log as I think this makes me a bit obsessive about food so instead I pre-plan healthy meals so it doesn't take over my life for a month and then evaporate. I am making sure i exercise each day and I do keep a log of that as it is very motivating, have enlisted the hubby to go for walks in evening as he is quite pleased I've given up smoking so is eager to encourage my efforts.

Also I have put a photo of myself when I was slim and toned at my target weight on the fridge as a constant reminder. Maybe I should put a current one there too, mmm think that would just depress me

A very Happy & Healthy New Year to you all!!!

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