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Thanks for all the replies. I need positive reinforcement. After years of dieting I know all the things I should be doing and I know they work if I do them. Motivation and support are the things I sometimes lack.

Mike I have had that same experience on occasion! I'm a bit of a wimp so it is rare that I overdue it. I am going to the Y to a class twice a week and sometimes find it pushes me more than I would push myself. I don't always keep up but I find it good to stretch my limits.

I am enjoying my wii fit -- again once I get started. I find tricking myself into just thinking I will do the weight in and body test often leads to 30 minutes of wii exercise. Again the reward of seeing how many calories I burnt and being able to journal them here helps. I wish there was some way of adding activities the same as we add our own foods. So far I have justed tried to find an activity that matches the calories burned.

Keep up the good work everyone. Think positive

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