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reading, writing, gym, singing, dancing (not well though), painting, learning languages, walking, traveling, snorkling, cooking, baking, admiring buildings and bridges, bicycling, going to the theatre, concerts, museums and art galleries, studying comparative religion, going on Buddhist or writing retreats, Hindu and Hebrew chanting, taking classes (writing, cooking, religion), staring up at the sky, talking, giving impromptu speeches and stand up comedy.
oh and social activism, ie a group of friends and i saved a big parcel of land from being irresponsibly overdeveloped and got it turned into a nature center.
oh and "long walks on the beach" (had to throw that one in there) playing poker with the boys (i am the only girl but they accept me as an honorary guy since i love telling dirty jokes eating junk food and I often lose big hands) and pinochle with DH and his Dad, game night with semi drunken friends, jokingly arguing with my politically incompatable friends, eating popcorn and junk food at the movies with DH. also going to art house movies and jazz clubs with my "platonic husband" Dave and then arguing religion vs. atheism on the way home.

no crafts though, wish i could; two left hands and i'm a rightie. and my idea of camping is a condo unit on the beach without an onsite restaurant.

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