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Pretty much every year of my adult life I've given up on the diet between Thanksgiving and New Year's. 'Tis the season to be fat and jolly right? And that was the plan this year as well, only I got struck down with the stomach bug from hell the week of Thanksgiving, and the week following. When it was over I'd dropped 15 pounds, had constant tremors and could only eat like 1/2 cup of food at a time. So basically I ate whatever looked good for the balance of December. I also couldn't really put in much of a workout for most of December, so I worked out about 1/2 as much at about 1/2 strength (so what's that like 1/4?). Anyway now I'm weak and flabby and nearly back to what I weighed pre-stomach bug. So did I fall off the wagon or was I roped and yanked off by the violent stomach bug? Dunno, don't care, I'm back in the saddle today. I went for a very long run/walk because officially I'm supposed to be training for a 10K in May. We'll see. That 10K business might be pure fantasy for this year, but for the moment I'm serious enough that I went 5.75 miles today and am looking forward to a treadmill workout Monday, which will hopefully be closer to the 6.2 miles I need to be at in May.
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