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My husband started a new job with a very small company recently and we're going to have to deal with getting our own insurance. In both our cases, weight is causing trouble in getting a policy. It was definitely a reality check on the fact that we have got to start getting healthy and dropping the extra pounds.

I used the site back many years ago and it was a good check against what I was eating and my activity level, so I'm going to try it again. I had a really hard time having to change numbers around when I logged in yesterday because I'm heavier now than when I started last time ;/

I'm not using a "diet", I'm just watching what I eat. I am taking the idea that I don't need anything in a box and am sticking to fresh veggies/fruit and whole grains. I do sub a lot of vegetarian protein sources for meat, but still throw some chicken or fish in the oven occasionally.

I've cleaned all the clothes and dust off the exercise equipment that we have here in the house, and I'm pushing for the realistic 2lbs a week. I'm looking to drop around 80lbs and figure I need somewhere to vent so I don't pull my hair out in the process heh
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