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Originally Posted by butterflybabe1997 View Post
Thanks so much, I will try that. I hope it works for me. Would it help to do extra sit ups and weight work? I have a few questions...I hope they don't annoy you!

Does it work to concentrate on one particular area of the body (say, legs or abs?).
Do you lose more weight if you become a vegetarian?
If one ate nothing except yogurt for lunch and breakfast would they lose weight?
Working out is always good, I think it helps to vary your workouts, keeps your body confused and your mind less bored. It helps to concentrate on particular areas of the body while you are working on them, like when you work the deltoids try to feel the muscle contract etc. But like Mike said you have to work them all for the most benefit.

Becoming vegetarian for weight loss typically counter acts the additional exercise. When you beat the muscles up, you need to feed them some protein and meat is a very good source of protein. However, if you are already on the fence politically and socially, by all means go veggy. But educate yourself on how to get enough protein as a dieting vegetarian.

I suppose you can lose weight eating just yogurt for breakfast and lunch, it all depends on what you eat for snacks and dinner. So if you eat only a low-fat, low-cal yogurt for breakfast and lunch, 200 calories total, but then bust out starving at dinnertime and eat 2,500 calories of double cheese, deep dish, meat lovers pizza, then no I don't think you can lose weight that way. Personally I would get bored out of my mind and cheat like crazy after maybe 3-4 days of eating just yogurt for breakfast and lunch.
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