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Originally Posted by butterflybabe1997 View Post
Thanks so much, I will try that. I hope it works for me. Would it help to do extra sit ups and weight work? I have a few questions...I hope they don't annoy you!

Does it work to concentrate on one particular area of the body (say, legs or abs?).
Do you lose more weight if you become a vegetarian?
If one ate nothing except yogurt for lunch and breakfast would they lose weight?
a full body workout will do wonders.

Some of the vegetarians that I know are the worst eaters... cheese fries, potato chips, garbage food... but it's not meat so they call themselves vegetarians.

IMO you want balanced meals that include a good protein, carb and a good fat. One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal, a protein shake and some almonds. Which is:
Protein shake = 180 grams (3/4 serving) of ff milk, 100 grams of ff cottage cheese
Oatmeal = 1 serving of Quaker quick oats, made with water
Almonds = 1/2 serving

this equates to:
475 cals (probably more than what most people here take in for breakfast)
95.g fat (18&#37
45.8g carbs (39%)
51.1g protein (43%)

This will usually hold me over for a few hours and give me some energy.
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