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Hi all!

I'm 35 years old, turning 36 in a month. I've struggled with my weight all my life, but it's been really hard the last 6 years when I was undergoing fertility treatments to get pregnant. I'm thrilled to have a wonderful 3 year old son, but not thrilled with all this extra weight and the pre-diabetic condition that came with it.

I have a significant amount of weight to lose....more than 50 pounds but less than 100...and I know from previous experiences that slow and steady wins the race. I am a former Weight Watcher member and have been successful in the past with that, but I am not sure if I want to rejoin them again because this time around I am also focused on more natural eating and cutting out artificial additives and harmful chemicals. I lost a lot of weight on that plan by using a lot of their products which are loaded with the very things I'm trying to stay away from this time.

I am primarily a SAHM mom right now. My background is in the historical musuem & research field and hope to get back into that once the economy turns around. I do work out of my home as a Wildtree All Natural & Peanut Free Foods Consultant and really believe in trying to eat less processed foods and get back to eating more "whole" & natural foods--again, hence the hesitatation to go back to Weight Watcher's. I love to cook and try new recipes, so I'm always looking to share food tips & recipes!

I really love this website and I'm hoping it to find some great support pals along on the same journey..and to be a great support to others!

Good luck to everyone on their journey!
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