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Originally Posted by cowgirl6 View Post
I use to drink tons of diet soda so my first step was to switch to crystal light. Is 64 oz of crystal light equal to 64 oz of water?
Yup, albeit with some extra chemicals.

I was a big diet Mt. Dew junkie--at least four or more cans a day at work. Quit it cold turkey (turkey, yum!). Now all I drink is water and black coffee. I'll tell you, once you get used to water (and I like it with ice) it's really not bad at all.

If Crystal Lite is what it takes to get your daily intake, then do it--it's that important.


PS You may find that Crystal Lite makes you hungry--there are studies showing Aspartment (sp?) and other sugar substitues can trigger the hunger response in your body just like "real" sugar/simple carbs can. So keep that in mind.
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