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Originally Posted by sunrosa View Post
I'm in a similar situation - 5"3", and my weight has crept back up to 161 over the past 3 years, since getting stuck in a sit-down job. I've been working out a lot over that time period, but my age - 49 - and knee injuries are making it much harder to lose weight.

So, time to get real and cut back on calories. The working out part is easy for me - I love to move, love to exercise, walk, used to run, etc. Cuting back on food - it seems like that is the only real "fun": I get to have anymore. But that's an attitude that has to change.

I'm starting work again with a trainer also in a few weeks also. I know she will ask me about my eating habits again. Sometimes you just have to make up your mind that long-term health is more important than short term feel-good about food.
thats my problem too, I have a job in which 80% of the time im sitting down and I go to school at night so I really dont have that much time to excercise, but when I do have time I like to go for walks and run once in a while, I am ok the first couple of weeks of a diet but thats about it, i think its more of changing bad habits for a healthier lifestyle than to diet...

Good luck to you!
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