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I picked up the book Eat Stop Eat and since then I have done two weeks with a single fast and last week I did two fasts. Even after pigging out on holiday treats and potlucks for the last couple of days over Christmas I still lost a some fat (roughly 2 lbs in 2 weeks.)

I used to count calories and eat multiple times a day and while this is a solid approach that did net me a lot of fat loss, there are other ways to do it. I decided on trying Eat Stop Eat because I wanted my diet and nutrition to stop playing such a large part in my life. I wanted to eat guilt free, and enjoy food again.

The best part is that now I can eat on a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule. I can indulge in foods that normally would be too calorie dense for my former eating plan. I can go out to eat and order whatever I want off the menu. I can lift weights and gain muscle because most days I eat plenty, but then I still lose fat because I maintain a weekly deficit.

In my experience with fasting so far I never get hungry, I do feel the empty stomach but this isn't painful hunger, its just a feeling of an empty stomach. I have exercised and had great days while fasting.

Its great to be freed from the need to constantly eat every three hours and meticulously record everything and manage my nutrient macros.

The fasting can also be a great tool for maintenance over a lifetime.

If there is anyone who is sick of calorie counting and spending hours cooking and cleaning every day because of your diet I encourage you to take a look at Eat Stop Eat or other methods of fasting like Leangains and The Warrior diet. There is also a free ebook on the internet called Fast 5. Eat Stop Eat is the most informative and science based approach out of the three, and that is why I chose it.

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