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I can vouch for it being possible to quit smoking without gaining weight. I quit on May 3, 1998, cold turkey. My weight did not increase until well after that year.

To deal with cravings, I chose a series of things I could do and not smoke at the same time. I would pick one every time I had a craving.
  • Walk 6 miles at an easy pace
  • Brisk walk 1 mile
  • Jog to the corner and back
  • Sleep
  • Read the Bible
Sometimes I did have to resort to food, so I would make up a salad every morning with finger sized chunks, too small for a fork. I am allergic to dressings and dips, so I was accustomed to eating naked salad.

I also went to a quit smoking forum and put a counter in my signature. Every bit of encouragement helps.

Expect lung issues, but I can tell you in hindsight that it is not worth giving up. The health gained is incredible.

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