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So I have decided to take it easy for a bit until after the cruise I'm going on. This does not mean I am going to let myself go and pig out and not go to the gym. I just rather not worry about the tracking part at the time being until the holidays and cruise are over. I already started calculating how many calories I will be shooting for and I have some personal challenges/goals that are in the works. In another post I listed my next few weigh-in days. Those days again are January 1st, January 6th, and January 16th. It will be interesting to see if I gain or lose weight during the cruise...I'd be really pleased if I lost and I feel like I might just because of the amount of swimming and beach strolling I'll be doing (plus there's a gym!).

Thanks again for everyone's support and I will be back to tracking on January 16th. I will then be consistently weighing-in every Sunday morning.
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