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Originally Posted by msmarilyn3 View Post
Hey I know exactly how you feel...I'm too embarassed to state my exact weight but I will say that I'm 75#'s overweight. It really messes with your life, I mean your confidence level gets to a point of rock bottom, your clothes no longer make you feel good or look good on you and you just have trouble doing/ enjoying most things you use to ha? Well I'm going to try to make this a year of differance and get rid of the extra weight holding me down Good Luck on your goals! I'll check in frequently I think this is a good support tool!
I know how you feel, I really was so embarrased to put in how much I weigh but i figure I have to be honest with myself in order to help myself.
My self esteem just went right to the floor this past year, I have kept myself from doing things I enjoy, from dressing the way I want because I feel so not confident in my own body.
Which is why i decided to really make a change, not just to lose about 45 lbs but to make a lifestyle change to be the person I wanna be inside and out.

I love this site, its great to see that I am not alone and that I can have people in the same boat as me to support and help each other...Best of luck to you!!!! and keep us posted on your successes!
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