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Default when she got there, the cupboard was bare

Just finished planning my grocery shopping for the next few days - just to tide me over til the weekend. The list helps me answer the question "what's for dinner?" - which I MUST be ready to answer, or we end up ordering pizza or grabbing some other gawd-awful convenience food.

Was debating on whether to ski today or not. I think I'll wait and go tomorrow (and probably Thur & Friday too) since there's snow in the forecast. The trail will be better with new snow.

So... it's weight training and step aerobics today. I'm bored with the music on my Step DVD, so I'll need to figure something else out. (I have a dozen or so step workouts on VHS - but I don't have a VCR anymore.) Netflix, here I come.

It's day 22: 69 days and 49 workouts to go!
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