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Originally Posted by AlexBarkerFitDay View Post
So what happened that you have to lose the weight again?

What extra steps are you taking to make sure to keep the weight off?
What caused my weight to creep from ~150lbs in 2007 to 172lbs in 2010 is the fact that I switched jobs. In my previous job, I had to make efforts to eat an unhealthy lunch, in my current job I have to make efforts to eat a healthy (low fat/carbs) lunch.

I plan to keep the weight off by continuing to eat healthy lunches (such as soup/salad at our lousy cafeteria or subway salads).

High weight (12/04/2004): 188.0 lbs
Low weight (2007): ~149 lbs
Starting (11/24/2010): 172.0 lbs
Current (12/20/2010): 166.8 lbs
Lost: 5.2 lbs
Goal: 150 lbs
Need to lose: 16.8 lbs
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