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I don't think it matters really how much you weigh. I had a bit of a revelation a couple of nights ago thinking how I shouldn't get so caught up in the numbers because really what I want to do is improve my overall health...I want to have visible abs and muscles. I want to not have that little bit of fat under my chin and I certainly don't want man boobs. If I could achieve all of that and still weigh 190 something...I would be pretty satisfied. If I got down to somewhere in the normal weight range for me I would have to be like 150...I would probably have no muscle mass and look scrawny and unhealthy.

Right now I am focusing on being a happier and healthier person. During this process I will hopefully lose some unwanted fat. I'm trying to get it through my head that it is going to take time and dedication to see the results I want. So really I don't think your ideal weight should be set in might get to 140 and have great lean muscle and less fat...I guess it depends on how you approach everything.
In my opinion the number on the scale is just a guide. I feel it will keep you motivated seeing it go down. But all of a sudden your clothes start falling off and in my case the number on the scale is staying steady and I am still going down in waste size. in the begining the number is important for motivation but I think once you reach your goal number the scale becomes less important and the real fine tuning comes in. I started working out harder and eating more protien and a few more good calories and low and behold I am not gaining weight I am just getting better. I think until I got to the weight I thought I should be i was afraid to lift as much and eat enough to see the muscle gain fat loss I have been seeing since I cranked it up.
The psycological block I had and the fixation on the number on the scale was holding me back.
It is a process that everyone needs to work through in there own way.
Anyway sorry for the rant Just felt like sharing...
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