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Toss in a bunch of Collard greens

A handful of organic baby carrots or (1 full carrot diced up)

1 portion (about 5 or 1 cup) of fresh or frozen strawberries (you can use any fruit really)

1 banana

4 heaping tabelspoons of Organic PLAIN yogurt, or PREFERABLY Plain Kefir. Found by the milks, rice milks, & pre-made chocolate milks.

1/2 cup of any one of these juices, Guava/ Cashew/fresh OJ/ Pear/Mango (I used Guava)

1/2 cup of one of these Soy, Coconut, or rice milk. ( I used Silk Original Light only 60 cals per serving)

1 scoop of Vanilla whey Protein Powder

1 tbs ground flax seed

2 tablepoons Honey or agave to sweeten (I used Honey)

add ice if you used fresh fruit I use frozen so no ice is needed

Blend very well and enjoy.

If you find yourself really hungry shortly after the smoothie add 2 Tablespoons of organic all natural Peanutbutter to your next smoothie. This will add a little more calories but it will hold you over longer, so no candy bar consumption is made due to being hungry

If you do use this recipe please use it for non profit and own personal use. feel free to let me know if it has helped you

Please consult your doctor before going on any diet or exercise regiment, as not all regiments are not for everyone.

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