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Thanks for the tips SisterJen!

I honestly had such a horrible day at work that when I finally got home and went to this site I was going to write a post about how I don't want to update my food and activity logs everyday, but you gave me the extra little push to go on and do it...even if its slightly inaccurate due to different food brands v. generic brands. So thank you for the comments and the extra push to just log it and get it over with. Totally could have done without that cupcake at work today...but I won't beat myself up over it. Also, I didn't realize how much the sushi was adding up to! I'll have to start making better choices.

I was happy this morning because I finally got to the gym and I did a bit of upper body work and I did a HIIT routine from the Abs Diet on the treadmill. The whole time I was doing the circuit I was just thinking how useless some of the work other people were putting in at the gym. One guy was jogging the whole time (probably around 4.5-5mph and a majority of the people were walking. One woman went on the elliptical for 5 minutes and got off to go on a treadmill. Meanwhile I was done with my cardio workout in 22 minutes and everyone else was still there. I'm happy to see people working out...but I can't help judging how they are working out. I think a couple of people were wondering why I was going from walking to running every other minute.

What are your opinions on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? Do you think about how other people workout in the gym?
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