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I find that I create a lot of custom foods because the brands i use tend to differ from the values listed in the more generic listings, and I want to be as accurate as possible. This was a pain in the beginning, but because I utilize many of those components over and over it has gotten quite easy. Since I'm working from ingredients rather than prepared foods, I simply sit down after a grocery shop and enter foods that are new to me. Then they're available when I need them. Also, and idea is to keep a written log and catch up entering foods when you have time.

One frustration is that most food labels don't list micro-nutrients (not sure if that's the right word), so you could appear to be in deficit of certain minerals only because you don't have an expanded nutrition label. I have chosen not to worry about that, and assume I'm getting enough of those things by maintaining a varied and clean diet.

I find logging activities helpful. It's just another way to keep me connected, like this forum, to what I want to consider a new lifestyle, and not a diet. I do find that the more I log, the better idea I have of what I'm doing and how my body is responding. So far, my numbers make a lot of sense against my performance.

Good luck to you.
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