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Default Can't Keep Up...

Hey everyone! I am somewhat new to this site, but no newbie when it comes to dieting and trying to get in shape. I've been struggling to keep my weight down since 2002 when I started 9th grade. In fact, the summer before 10th grade I was probably in the best shape of my life because my parents had rejoined Weight Watchers and I was obsessed with following the program with them. If I remember correctly, I was around 165 (after the summer) and about 5' 8" - 5' 10". After that summer I was always struggling trying to get in better shape and feel good about myself.

Currently I weigh 199.6 (up from 194 just a month ago?!?!) and I am 5' 11.5" According to my body fat scale (which I read can have a +/- 5% reading) I am 19.8% body fat. Not horrible...but not amazing. This year I have attempted some interesting theories in dieting. One of which I really loved...RAW FOODS! I ate raw for about 2 weeks and I think I was feeling the best I have ever felt in my life...and I wasn't even exercising. I don't have any record showing I lost weight, but the way I felt inside was incredible and I regret falling back into Standard American Diet hell.

So my issue at the moment is just sticking with logging everything and getting to the gym on a frequent basis. I should mention, I joined a local Planet Fitness on the 10th and have since only gone twice...I also live in NY (Long Island) and the weather isn't so great and I hate leaving the warmth.
The other night before signing up on this site, I contemplated doing Weight Watchers online...but reconsidered since I have the knowledge and could most likely get by without it.

Ideally, I want to incorporate concepts from The Abs Diet and The Raw Food Detox Diet. I don't want to go completely raw or vegan because I like having a bit of poultry and fish in my diet. I am on the fence when it comes to dairy and I think I would benefit more from eliminating it altogether. I guess my real issue is logging everything on this site because it gets annoying when 75% of what I eat is not found in my searches. I need some help in terms of how to go about making sure I get everything logged. Also, should I even bother logging activities? I have read here that it doesn't help much and that it does help...everyone has different opinions.

Ok so bit of a rant and I don't know if it was clear as to what I wanted, but feel free to post your opinions, ideas, methods, etc.
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