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Default If it ain't broke, don't fix it. My turn to vent!

Okay... this is my turn to vent.

I've been on YouTube for a while. I have my own channel (01gt46) with a bunch of videos (over 100). This account was registered years ago with my Yahoo email address. I've spent a lot of time creating, editing & uploading videos. I have a decent amount of friends and subscribers on there that look forward to my updates. Hell I've even been contacted to become a "partnership" with YouTube so they can advertise on a couple of my videos and I can make money. (I never did anything with that, it's just not me)

A while back I created a "secondary" account and used a Gmail address. I've never used it, so it's pretty useless. Yesterday I go to log in to YouTube as I always do, as 01gt46. I was prompted that they made changes and to log in I must link the account to my Google account. When I did it prompted for my Yahoo account. I clicked the button and it said that it would send instructions to my email. Well guess what... nothing! Why?? B/C this account was created years ago with Yahoo, not Google/Gmail. I check both email accounts and have nothing. I still can not log in as 01gt46. grrrrr

Now, one would figure that a company like Google would have tech support, right? Wrong! It's all online support and I can get nowhere b/c 01gt46 is not connected to a Google/Gmail account. You would think that when it prompted me to make the switch yesterday it would have given me the option to create or switch to a Gmail account for my existing 01gt46 channel... but nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Now what? I'm going to try to call them tomorrow but I doubt that I'll get anywhere. If I guess I'll probably need someones extension to even get in.

Why is it so hard to get a "live" person these days to help and why change things when they aren't broke. It may be R.I.P for 01gt46
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