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Originally Posted by TCampbellRN View Post
hello Im new to the forum.
My name is T Campbell BSN RN from Dallas, TX. 41 year old male. I was very skeptical about this hcg thing ever since I heard about it from one of the surgeons I work with, but I went out to get a bottle anyway. I was 197.0 lbs on December 7th 2010 and on December 15th 2010 I am 183.4 lbs. it is a very strict 500 calories per day diet. I thought 500 cals??? I'll drop dead... but what happened was the HCG released calories from fat that allowed me to keep going. It can't be done without a form of HCG to keep you going. I am no longer a disbeliever. I tried eating right, jogging, running, etc. noting would help. I do encourage people to talk to their doctors before trying it and remember if you cheat on HCG you gain weight fast. I was a naysayer about HCG, but since I tried it and know it works I am no longer a naysayer. goodluck.
T. Campbell BSN., RN., ACLS certified.

I agree wholeheartedly!!!
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