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LOL you are talking about . The funny thing is how this started. I was coming through the Walmart parking lot and got stuck behind someone that would rather wait and tie up the line behind them for a closer parking spot, than actually walk. At that point the amount of laziness that happens everyday in front of us that we never really notice was an eye opener for me. As I went shopping I pretty much thought up everything that I posted. I couldn't wait to get home and just lay it all out. The response I got was really uplifting. I thought that more people would think that I was being critical but it seemed that nearly everyone agreed. I guess you can't please them all...

But yeah, if I can do you, you can too. All it takes is a little will power. We were all taught about "the little engine that could" when we were younger but it seems that we have a hard time saying "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!"

Just make that commitment to do it!

Here are some of my favorite videos that I've made (they're kinda old) but it makes it easy to see the changes that your body goes through.

Last November
YouTube - P90X YTF&F this is my story (Mike)

Last December
YouTube - P90X-YTF&F 90day transformation Round 1

Last Superbowl Sunday
YouTube - P90X YTF&F round 2 day 56 transformation update
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