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Awesome vid Mike, thanks for posting that link.
There was a post you made a while back, something like "Hey fatso, you are fat because you let it happen, it's your fault" or something to that effect......that really hit home with me. Your straight up, no BS manner was enough to grab my attention, what the rest of that post had to say was bang on the money, and the pics you posted showed you were speaking from experience and knew what you were talking about.
This may sound a bit strange, but until recently, I couldn't even imagine myself being a normal weight. I have been overweight or obese my entire life and was pretty much convinced that was never going to change.
I had come to accept that I would always be fat and that there wasn't a lot I could do about it.....basically, I had filed away what is probably one of the most important things I will ever do, in the 'too hard' basket and given up.
Boy was I shortchanging myself with that mindset!! It was posts like yours and pics of people who have walked the same road that changed the way I thought and convinced me this CAN be done, and that if someone else can and has done it, there's absolutely no reason why I can't.
Once again, thanks man, you most certainly are an inspiration.

Strawberryhotcake, I am doing this all for me now, I'm not in it for revenge, or to spite a woman, I am out to build 'BD Mk II', the all new, much improved version. I was going to call it 'BD 2.0' but that sounds too much like a little four cylinder Japanese import .
It was realising that dwelling on the past and running things over and over in my mind was an extremely unhealthy way to go that originally made me go pick up a dumbell and get a sweat on.
Mentally and emotionally, I am all's just the physical part of me that still needs some work.

Tavisha, thanks for the welcome and sharing your similar story. Humiliation is one hell of a motivating force is it not? I have a piece of paper on the wall above my PC monitor that says " Remember how she made you feel...wanna go back to more of that?", one look at that is enough to have me jumping out of the chair and onto the stationary bike or picking up a dumbell. Like you, I will NEVER let another person make me feel as bad about myself as that woman did, if what it takes to ensure that is a rock hard sculpted body, well that's what it takes and that's what I'll do.
Oh, btw, you aren't 'kind of hot' at are beautiful, don't ever believe anyone who tells you otherwise ,they are quite obviously a fool and as blind as a bat.

I have no idea if the 'cuter than a bug's ear' saying is an Aussie thing, but it is certainly the sort of thing people around here say.....I walked into my mate's gym the other day and he said "mate, you look great. The weight is peeling off you faster than a bride's knickers on her wedding night" I LOLed, literally. You've gotta love a descriptive phrase that conjures up a mental image like that one

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