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Canary, did your dd want that chocolate? If you give chocolate, teach her to want the very BEST and to be a chocolate "gourmet." I appreciate your comments and wish you the same success I've had. By the way, I did read everything by Geneen Roth before I found "Naturally Thin." Wait until you read what Jean Antonello has to say about emotional eating, then we'll start our own thread and talk more about it.

I never raised a daughter (one son) so I don't know about that but with our son we never lectured or bribed, we just set the example and he followed. During his teen years was the time I was food obsessed but I was able to keep it to myself, except I do remember one time searching his room for the stash of Chips Ahoy cookies! You set the example in love and hope for the best!

The anti-diet was for me the minute I read about it. Not easy to unlearn all my dieting strategies but well-worth the effort and the wait. By the way, a diet is just "what you eat" but when I say I don't diet, you know what I mean is I don't restrict. I lost weight without counting calories or thinking about any formulas about calories in/calories out = go figure. Yes, the laws of thermodynamics still apply but this is something the body can do all by itself. We weren't born to be fat. From Jean Antonello, I learned about "adaptation theory," which is that an animal in nature, given a healthy diet, will reach a lean adaptive weight. It's brilliant and it worked for me, over time. No, I didn't lose weight in time for the Christmas party, or whatever, but today I eat plenty of good food and I don't obsess and people at my gym tell me I'm a role model. To think that for years I starved myself for the same results and those results never lasted because you can't starve yourself forever, the body won't let you, thank goodness. By the way, to me REAL RESULTS are those that last... not just "since October" or for 32 weeks but for decades. The best way is the way I can do for the rest of my life and I intend to be even "older than dirt" because I'm taking good care of myself!

Sorry this is so long, guess I was in a reflective mood tonight. Merry Christmas! Noel

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