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Red face The First Five Pounds...

...are the hardest, most evil, challenging, frustrating, stressful pounds ever for me!!!


Hello, I'm new. My name is Chyna. My story is quite simple and just like some other folks here.

I was a "chubby" kid growing up. Or at least I felt that way. I was a dancer from the ages 3-13 and I can say for sure ballet gave me big insecurities.

All that aside, I maintained a weight of 154lb until I moved in with a future ex-boyfriend where I gained 30lb. After our stressful relationship and breakup, I went from 185 to 159 in TWO months. It was like my body began regulating itself(and I was working out hardcore and eating right).

Now, I'm here again, at my fattest. 195lb. I once again have a serious relationship(is there a connection?) and I feel STUCK.

The best part of all this? I work at Whole Foods, a "healthy eating" grocery store which I think is one of the reasons I've gained so much.

I have a gym membership and a treadmill, but whenever I go to the gym it feels like everyone is staring at me.

I think I just need this place. A support team. Because if I don't stop, right this moment, things will only get worse.

I want a new lifestyle!


Oh, and, I'm 5'10, 193lb. I would like to lose 43lb by at most May 15th.
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