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Originally Posted by juliesaid2728 View Post
I do have a good question... Right now I weight 297 lbs... I am on 1800 calories a day based on the formula that is online to find out what the "right" amount of calories for me is... Does that seem right? What does everyone eat?

I am finding it hard to eat more then 1600 in a day!
That seems kinda high, especially with you being female. I shoot for at least 1500 and less than 1600. I do have one day a month that "anything goes", but even then I keep my plan in mind and don't go TOO crazy (and I log everything).

I figure I burn about 3100 cals a day, more or less and since I started in May I have averaged 3 lbs. a week loss. I have noticed that things seem to be slowing down as of late--it may be "portion creep" so I'll go back to weighing/measuring everything.

If you shoot for 1800 it is really easy to end up higher if you're not careful. And, I find it much easier to go up in calories than to go down. Why not try 1500 cals of GOOD food and see how it goes? I shoot for a 40/30/30 carb/protein/fat mix, but some folks feel more protien is better.

Anyway, that's my .02.

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