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Sorry, InsatiableOne, for so diverting this thread... would just like to briefly respond to Cassie.

I was unclear above, in mixing comments to InsatiableOne and yourself - when I spoke of 'we', I meant to refer to IO, as we're both consumers of care.

In no way did I mean to suggest that you personally were a 'pill-pusher', or prone to 'big pharma' manipulations... in fact I wish more care providers (GPs & psychiatrists in particular) were as conscientious as you evidently (by your care in balancing the picture here) are. I would guess that your patients/clients are among the lucky ones.

My gripe is with pharmaceutical companies that I feel didn't do due diligence in their research; insurance companies, which place constraints on length of treatment, and bias or even force some practitioners towards drug-heavy treatment plans; and finally, with pharma-minded doctors.

As you well know, there are many cultures among psychological carers. GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors each have a different scope of practice, and different orientations. I think the GPs struggle to deal with affective issues because they're not specialists, they're dealing with shingles and bronchitis and god knows what else - I suspect that many find it easier to view - and manage - depression as a strictly physical disease, given their orientation. And much of the continuing professional education that's most easily accessible is sponsored by drug companies. I even think more of them would probably like to offer insight based therapies, but are overwhelmed. I think that culturally, because of limited time, non-specialists take older research for granted. And I think many patients are familiar enough with psychology - through advertisements, and other popular media - to present themselves as worst case scenarios, therefore needing drugs; to perhaps exaggerate some symptoms, in the belief that only a drug can cope with their depression. I don't see this whole exchange as malicious, just - very often - misguided. I feel it's a structural and systemic problem. I'm sorry if I in any way suggested otherwise.

I'm sure there are many who have found balance too. Personally, I found community and help among people who did not have that experience. Probably those who are pleased with their treatments are unlikely to go on about them in online forums and elsewhere - they just get on with their lives.

Lizzie: agree that herbal treatments should also be standardized (in their production) and vigorously tested.

I hope everyone here who is struggling with sadness or depression finds what they need, where they need it.
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